Rosa Khutor 2019 Pressbook    Cahier der Presse

SEND ARTICLES TO anaraicknezevic(at) and rauli.storm(at) Please include your name, the publication name, circulation, type of media and date of publication.  Print articles are best as pdfs straight from the lay-out. Otherwise scan them and send them as jpegs. Internet articles are best by their address (URL). Also, please include your name in the PDF filename.
Thank you.

1. Belgium
3. Canada
4. Chile (Guest)
5. Croatia
6. Czech Republic
7. Denmark
8. France
9. Germany
10. Iceland
11. Israel
12. Italy
13. Kazakhstan
14. Netherlands
15. Norway
16. Romania
17. Russia
18. Serbia
19. Slovakia
20. Slovenia
21. Spain
22. Sweden
23. Switzerland
24. Turkey
25. The UK
26. The US

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